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DiPi Designs Special Manufacturing was created internally in 2011 by Dipi-Designs snc which, in addition to other services, for years has worked in the area of prototyping and small productions. The experience accumulated in various industrial and mechanical fields has pushed the two partners, Davide Di Luccio and Paolo Urban, to continue on their adventure that began 12 years ago. They have invested in new equipment and machinery, offer customers new services such as the pre-production and small series production, assembly operations, custom mechanical forming and the production of special machinery and equipment. And all this without neglecting the prototyping that through the years has characterized Dipi-Designs snc for the high quality, low cost and brief period for processing.

Visit the website to learn more about DiPi Designs Special Manufacturing, see the equipment in the workshop, the areas of processing and materials used with some examples.

The collaboration with Dipi-Designs snc in the technical CAD/CAM sector CAD offers customers a fast turnaround and with maximum control on the details while in construction thanks to the complete internal management from the design phase to the machining.

Alluminio: Automotive Racing Components | Modeling | Industrial Automation | Moulds | Fire Prevention Accessories |
Components for Food Machinery

Plastic: Accessories for Taps and Fittings | Special Machines | Bicycle and Motorcycle Accessories | Components for Food Machinery

Stainless Steel: Moulds | Taps and Fittings | Special Components | Industrial Automation Industry

Brass: Taps and Fittings | Fire protection | Small Precision Metal Turned Parts | Modeling

DiPi Designs Special Manufacturing produces prototypes, samples and series production of components for different sectors: taps and fittings, modeling, components for competition racing, fire prevention and special components in general.

DiPi Designs Special Manufacturing, having many different technologies available, can create articles in plastic, aluminum, brass and stainless steel.

In addition to the 3D CAD used for engineering and modeling, we are able to provide tool paths via a CAM used for the production of precision components.


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